SIM (sound to image) translation

Do Something Great neon sign - Living from Vision by Christina Wessendorf

If we face a problem, we feel guilty or shamed, life gives us negative feedback. 

This feedback can be used to redirect our life in the way we love. 

Get the result in what you truly want for yourself in accessing the subconscious when receiving the Feedback.

Influence the subconcious to co-create your success

Supposedly that our life follows our inner states and visions but also fears and limiting beliefs, it becomes essential to connect with our subconscious and super conscious to understand what’s going on within our Soul.

The power of our subconscious is using images as we know to form dreams. To communicate with it and influence it, it is quiet effective to use the same language of images and imagery.

The access of imagery to the subconscious makes it possible to: 

  • find your talents and your dreams- find blockers and negative believes
  • find out what you (and/or your discussion partner) really want 
  • understand the underlying intention behind the saying
  • see magically open ups to  the common points, differences and more in interactions

Examples of SIM-Translations

Living from Vision by Christina Wessendorf

At the end of the session

Living from Vision by Christina Wessendorf

This power can serve you in:

  • creating a map of your recent situation and see in one glance who you are and where you stand in life
  • approaching relations in private or professional context openly and without judging
  • recognizing different or common opinions, strengths and weaknesses of your organization / team / client presentation / product offers / international negotiations
  • transferring agreements or dislikes through images is easier in an intercultural context
six people holding hands together at daytime - Living from Vision by Christina Wessendorf

Creating the longlasting success you wish

  • anticipating a conflict or misunderstanding during a presentation, meeting or negotiation
  •  highlighting the strengths of a product or a speech and show the vision and intention behind your offers in order to create a strong connection between you and your partner/client