A miraculous course to create the life you deserve

universe, galaxy, portrait - Living from Vision by Christina Wessendorf

Life is about learning how to become more conscious of who you truly are…

This course, Living From Vision®, teaches …

  • whole brain thinking, imagery, relaxed focusing and immediate action.
  • develop your power to create
  •  to live in harmony with your Intuition
  •  explore your life from the inside out

Are you wanting to manifest the next level of your success?

This course accompanies you every day in actually doing and manifesting what you learn!

  •  This course is a distillation of the best, the Crème de la Crème of self-improvement technologies.
  • Based on the powerful ideas of Robert Fritz, Anthony Robbins, Ernest Holmes (Science of Mind), Napoleon Hill (Think and Grow Rich) and other pioneers of manifestation and human potential.

Imagine living life as you want it to be, instead of as a reaction to the demands around you. Imagine finding out what matters most to you, and then manifesting your vision. 

  • This course really delivers! A structured five week course leads you to actually live what you truly envision. 

By dealing clearly with the feedback you encounter as your actions begin to manifest, obstacles are easily resolved, and the natural flow of creation comes through you. A powerful course for anyone who want more from their life, and is willing to commit to a process of creating it.